Autism and Communication service

Information regarding the Autism and Communication service, including criteria to access the service, should be referred to and can be found on the Professional Choices website ( and/or the Support Services for Education website (

Please read these notes alongside the EHA as you complete it with parents:

Before the EHA is completed by you:

Has the ‘Concern Flowchart’ 2 APDR cycle been followed from the: ‘School Information Pack’?

Yes: please attach the ‘Outcomes’ from the APDR cycles, including the evidence of using ‘Core Standards’

No: This referral will not be accepted, please refer to website for guidance on completing work before submitting an EHA

  • Sections 1 and 2 need to be completed
  • Section 3 must be completed as it gives consent
  • In section 4 we only require details of the child being referred but you may complete the whole section to provide a wider context
  • In section 5, we only require the names, address and contact details of parents / carers
  • In section 6, we only need to know professionals who are directly involved with the child you are referring. You may complete the whole section to provide a wider context
  • Please complete as much as you can in section 7, section 7 must include the information below, please ensure you:
    • include the staff confidence rating (1-5) in understanding and meeting the needs of children with autism and communication
    • the desired outcomes for the student in section 7a
    • identify what you would like support with ie: receptive language skills, expressive language skills, social communication skills, managing sensory issues and developing independent learning within section 7a
  • Please complete as much of section 8 as you are able to
  • In section 9, use the drop down menu to select “Autism and Communication Service”
  • Download and complete the Universally speaking 5 – 11 checklist
  • Please ensure you send the EHA to and the Please attach the completed Language and Communication checklist to the email as this will be required before referral can be considered