Children’s Autism Outreach Team

Service information:

Working with parents / carers and their child / young person with a diagnosis of autism aged 0-13 years, to understand their child’s autism; to support and empower; to provide strategies where needed; and to increase social opportunities.

Provide home visits to help parents / carers with advice and strategies within the home; new skills to support their child / young person; and access to other suitable resources.

Facilitate the National Autistic Society Early Bird Plus training programme and the Barnardo’s Cygnet programme delivered to parents / carers over a six or eight week period.

Provide activities for children and young people with autism that would otherwise be inaccessible for many families without expert support and advice. These include clubs for families and activities during every school holiday.

Contact details:

Email address:
Telephone number: 01823 358117 / 0300 123 2224
Address: Barbara Mills, Children’s Autism Outreach Team, The Elms, Wiltown, Curry Rivel, TA10 0JD