Children’s Autism Outreach Team (CAOT)

Information regarding the Children’s Autism Outreach Team (CAOT), including criteria to access the service, should be referred to and can be found on the Professional Choices website (

Children’s Autism Outreach Team (CAOT) work with parents and carers and their child or young person with a diagnosis of autism or significant social communication differences aged 0 to 13 years. If there is no current ASC diagnosis the child/YP needs to have ‘recognised and evidenced significant social communication differences’ associated with autism.

CAOT provide home visits to help parents and carers with advice and strategies within the home, help with new skills to support their child or young person and help with access to other suitable resources.

They also provide activities for children and young people with a diagnosis of autism or a significant communication difference associated with autism that would otherwise be inaccessible for many families without support and advice. These include clubs for families and activities during every school holiday.


Service Criteria to include in the EHA:

The below information is required in addition to the information already requested in the EHA,


Please note acceptance for CAOT is currently up until 13 years of age.


Sections 1 and 2:

These can be either completed by the SENCo/Headteacher etc for a child in school

If parents wish to refer their child or if their child is not on roll of a school, they can phone the main inclusion line on 01823 357000 where a member of staff will take their contact details and the CAOT manager will ring them back to complete the EHA with them.


Section 4:

We only require details of the child being referred but you may complete the whole section to provide a wider context


Section 5:

We only require the names, address and contact details of parents / carers


Section 6:

We only need to know professionals who are directly involved with the child you are referring. You may complete the whole section to provide a wider context


Section 7:

Please complete as much as you can in section 7 and you must include the information below:

  1. An EHA will be accepted for students with an autism diagnosis or evidence must be provided of ‘recognised significant communication differences’ associated with autism if there is no current ASC diagnosis.
  2. In the EHA it will need to state that social communication has been acknowledged and evidenced as a need by professionals (e.g. SaLT, Paediatrician, Advisory Teacher, GP etc.)
  3. The Desired Outcomes for the student in section 7a. (e.g. how CAOT can support)
  4. In order for the allocated CAOT worker to have a clear understanding of the child’s or young person’s needs and the support required please identify what you would like support with i.e. social communication skills, managing sensory issues and developing independent learning within section 7a.


Section 9:

Please use the drop-down menu to select “Children’s Autism Outreach Team”


Contact Details

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