getset Complex Level 3 Service for 0-19’s (up to 25 with SEND)

Service Information:

The getset Service is part of Somerset County Council’s contribution to the Early Help landscape.

getset’s mission is to give children, young people and their families the best possible start in life. We recognise that the right help at the right time in the right place can make a big difference in the longer term and aim to help families overcome small challenges before they become big ones. Key to our approach is to ensure families are able to help themselves and find their own solutions to problems; developing the resilience to deal with these problems effectively will also help them not become dependent on external services.

The Level 3 service which provides targeted support for families that are assessed to require support at Level 3 on the Safeguarding Children Board’s ‘Thresholds for Assessment’ and meet at least two of the government’s ‘Troubled Families’ criteria:

• Children with poor school attendance
• Worklessness and risk of financial exclusion
• Affected by domestic violence and abuse
• Parents and children with a range of health needs
• Involvement in crime or anti-social behaviour
• Children who need help The Level 3 service’s Family Intervention Workers provide holistic support to help individuals and families make lasting change and develop the resilience to successfully deal with future challenges.

Service Criteria to include in the EHA:

Please ensure you complete the EHA in full, no additional information is required to make a request for support.

Section 9:

Please use the drop-down menu to select “getset Complex Level 3 Services for 0 – 19s (up to 25 with SEND)”.

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Additional Information:

It was agreed by Somerset County Council Cabinet on 11th February 2019 that the getset level 2 team would be retained until March 2020 to provide support to children with some additional needs at level 2 (as set out in the ‘Effective support for children and families’ guidance) and their families, by delivering group work and some key parenting programmes in areas identified as greatest need.

From 1st May 2019 the getset level 2 team moved to providing family group work rather than casework and work alongside other key agencies that support 0-4 year olds. Group work will include the following: Stay Play and Learn, School Readiness, Parenting Offer, Community Offer and Volunteers and you can find more information on group work by viewing the getset level 2 programme.