Occupational Therapy (Children with Disabilities)

Service Information:

The Occupational Therapy (OT) Service is part of the SPOT (Sensory, Physical and Occupational Therapy) service, SEND & Inclusion support Somerset. The OT team works with children and young people (C&YP) from birth up to 18 years old, and advice adult OTs on support for young people up to 25 in educational setting.

The main goal of OT involvement is to:

  • Provide access to environment, services, activities and information.
  • Provide high quality outcome based and result driven service.
  • Support C&YP to maximise their independence and quality of life in daily activities and fulfilling their aspirations.
  • Support families and carers to safely manage the child’s posture.
  • Anticipate the changing needs of children, young people and their carers to facilitate positive transitions.

OT service also work closely with other teams within SPOT services and Health services to ensure joined up working and seamless services.

The service includes:

  •  Assessment and involvement in home, educational setting and respite.
  • Specialist in Manual Handling – assessment, training, ongoing support.
  • Environmental adaptations recommendations.
  • Specialist in 24 hours postural management.

Service Criteria to include in the EHA:

The below information is required in each section identified in addition to the information already requested in the EHA.

Section 4:

The C&YP’s Disability and the impact this has either on one or both:

  • Functional difficulties due to their disabilities that can’t be meet by universal/targeted services alone.
  • The child and young person’s condition has a substantial impact on the quality of the child and young person or family life.

If they require assessment and support with the following:

  • Manual handling – assessment, training, ongoing support.
  • Environmental adaptations.
  • Postural management – 24 hours (seating, sleep).

Section 7:

Please give details here if the child/young person has any issues with the following areas (For issues if the answer is yes, take details of what help is required and any current equipment being used);

  • Walking in the house
  • Getting in/out of the house
  • Climbing stairs
  • Getting upstairs to toilet during the day
  • Continence
  • Getting in/out of bed
  • Getting in/out of chairs/sitting up
  • Eating
  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Safety within the house

Section 9:

Please use the drop-down menu to select “Occupational Therapist (Children with Disabilities)”.

Contact Details:

Email address: SDInputters@somerset.gov.uk
Contact number: 0300 123 2224
Email address for pre-referral advice: spotservice@somerset.gov.uk