Occupational Therapist (Children with Disabilities)

Service Information:

Children and Young Person’s Occupational Therapy Team:- as part of Sensory Physical Occupational Therapy (SPOT) Services – Inclusion Somerset.

Service Criteria to include in the EHA:

The below information is required in each section identified in addition to the information already requested in the EHA.

Section 4:

The child/young person’s Physical Disability and the impact this has on the child/young person within the home, school, respite and community.

Is the child a wheelchair user or do they require an assessment for postural management and positioning re for – specialist seating or when sleeping.

Section 7:

Please identify what Personal Independence Payment (PIP) the child/young person receives:
• Daily Living Components – standard or enhanced
• Mobility component – standard or enhanced

What type of property do the family live in?
• Property ownership is important to establish- Privately owned/Council/Private Rent/Housing Association – as part of the environmental information needed when completing an assessment.

Please give details here if the child/young person has any issues with the following areas (For issues if the answer is yes, take details of what help is required and any current equipment being used);
• Walking in the house
• Getting in/out of the house
• Climbing stairs
• Getting upstairs to toilet during the day
• Continence
• Getting in/out of bed
• Getting in/out of chairs/sitting up
• Eating
• Dressing
• Bathing
• Safety within the house

Medical Condition/Illness:

Once a primary issue has been identified, also ask how many incidents/issues/concerns have occurred in last month/3 or 6 months?

• When and where they occurred?
• What times of day?
• Are there any obvious triggers?
• What other difficulties do you think your child faces currently, including the impacts on the family?
• Is it environmental or a behavioural or sensory related change that creates the problem/situation?
• Who does the issue impact upon the most?
• What strategies is the family/child currently using to minimise the issues?

Section 9:
Please use the drop-down menu to select “Occupational Therapist (Children with Disabilities)”

Contact Details:
Email address: SDInputters@somerset.gov.uk
Contact number: 0300 123 2224