Early Years Area SENCO

Service Information:

The role of the Early Years Area SENCo is to assist Early Years settings by providing advice and support for children with additional/special educational needs as part of the graduated approach.
We work closely with staff and parents, finding ways to best help the children make the most of the learning opportunities available to them. We may observe the children and offer advice on their play, learning and development. Where needed, we can provide support or help reviewing SEN Support plans for the children. We can also help to access other specialist support, where appropriate.

Service Criteria to include in the EHA:

Criteria to access this service, should be referred to and can be found below and/or on the Support Services for Education website.

To accept an EHA, you will need to make sure you have followed the advice in the Core Standards.

The below information is required in addition to the information already requested in the EHA.

Section 4:

We only require details of the child being referred but you may complete the whole section to provide a wider context

Section 5:

We only require the names, address and contact details of parents / carers

Section 6:

We only need to know practitioners who are directly involved with the child you are referring. You may complete the whole section to provide a wider context

Section 9:

Please use the drop-down menu to select “Early Years SENCOs”

Contact Details:

Email address: InclusionSENRequests@somerset.gov.uk

As from the 1st April 2020, the email address’s quoted within the drop-down menus of the “Early Help Assessment (EHA)Request Form” used for requests into the Inclusion SEND Advisory Services has changed. The new email address will be: InclusionSENRequests@somerset.gov.uk.

This means that the EHA will be received initially by Somerset Direct, who will check that the EHA is completed correctly and is accompanied by any Service specific Check Lists/Additional Information Forms/SEN Support Plans.  Somerset Direct will return the EHA to the “Referrer” if the EHA  is missing mandatory information or if not accompanied by any Service specific additional documentation.  If the EHA is completed correctly and is accompanied with all relevant additional information, Somerset Direct will forward to the relevant Inclusion SEND Service for their consideration.

Both the EHA document (accessed via the professional Choices Website) and the Website itself has been up-dated.  Please continue to access the EHA document via the website to ensure you are always using the up-to-date version.

Alternatively please return this form and SEN Support Plan to:

Address: Inclusion Somerset, B2 South, County Hall, Taunton, TA1 4DY

Additional Information:

To support us to ensure the following: that your referral to our service is appropriate and help us to plan the support we can offer, we require the following in addition to the completed EHA:

These documents will be required in most cases before a referral can be considered, with the exception of a request for EY Area SENCo involvement in preschool entry planning for a child who has not yet started to attend an Early Years setting.