SIDAS Young People Violence Advisor (YPVA)

Service information:

The Young Persons Violence Advisor (YPVA) service is for young people aged 13 -19 who are experiencing Domestic abuse or who have harmed a current or former partner, or adult family member. We need their consent for the YPVA to engage with them and work can be delivered on a 1:1 basis or group work covering topics such as Expecting Respect, Sexual Consent and Healthy Relationships. The YPVAs can also visit colleges and Young People’s services to raise awareness at events such as Fresher’s Fayres, etc.

If the risk is 14 or above on the DASH and the abuse is current and ongoing it also needs to be referred to MARAC and details of this are also available on the website

Service specific criteria:

You must attach the young person’s DASH RIC to this EHA

Section 1 – consent must be from the young person for this request of support not the parent/carer.

Under section 4g – please include what district the young person lives in.

Under section 7b – please include here details of the young person’s;

  • Employment and income status
  • Their sexuality
  • Do they have any mental health issues

Under section 7e – please include details;

  • if it is safe to leave a telephone message for the young person.
  • Is the young person pregnant? If so how many weeks pregnant are there?
  • Provide emergency contacts for the young person here, including the relationship to the young person.
  • Immigration status if appropriate.
  • Accommodation status
  • does the young person have any pets
  • Does the young person or any relation to the young person has any connection to Hinkley Point C
  • If the young person is the victim of abuse please give details of the perpetrator here.

Under section 7e – please give details of the type of abuse used and over what period;

  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Psychological
  • Financial Emotional
  • Coercive
  • Controlling
  • less than 1 year
  • 1 – 3 years
  • 3 years +

Under section 7e – please give details of;

·         Has the client been subject to a forced marriage?
·         Is the client subject to honour based violence?
·         Has the client reported abuse to the Police in previous 12 months?
·         Has the client visited their GP due to abuse in previous 12 months?
·         Has client attended A&E due to abuse in previous 12 months?
·         Has client accessed any other domestic abuse service in previous 12 months?

Under section 7e –
please include details if the young person has;

·         mental Health Diagnosis / Issue / Need e.g. self harm, attempted suicide,

current or in previous 12 months

·         Learning, Mobility or Physical Disability, Sensory difficulties,

hearing/speech/visual, non-visible condition e.g. diabetes, epilepsy etc.

·         Previous Convictions and/or Current Offending Behaviour

·         Under 1 – Anti-Social behaviour,  order 2 – Acceptable Behaviour Contract

·         Substance Misuse (current or history of misuse inc alcohol/prescribed/illicit drugs in previous 12 months)

·         Minority/ ethnic/ cultural/ language needs

Contact details:

Email address (those with cjsm accouts:

Email address (those with other accounts such as egress)

Telephone number: 0800 694 9999

Address: N/A