Somerset Vision Support Team

Service Information:

The staff visit children and young people in their homes, pre-school settings, schools and colleges.

The Teachers assess functional vision which consists of a range of visual assessments.

Information is provided about the effects of visual impairment and strategies to support access to learning and independence.

The team offers direct support, teaching, training and advice, in order to be sure the requirements of the child or young person are in place in all settings and at transition.

The service works closely with Ophthalmologists, Orthoptists, Sensory Loss colleagues, Therapists, Educational Psychologists and Voluntary Agencies such as RNIB and Somerset Sight.

The Habilitation Specialist equips a child or young person with the knowledge, skills and strategies essential for independent living. A full programme includes mobility, orientation, route learning and living skills such as dressing, cooking and shopping.

The Habilitation Specialist can assess the child or young person’s mobility needs, develop, monitor and evaluate habilitation programmes, carry out environmental audits and provide child or young person specific training.

Service Criteria to include in the EHA:

Information regarding the Vision Support Service, including criteria to access the service, should be referred to and can be found on the Support Services for Education website

The below information is required in each section identified in addition to the information already requested in the EHA.

Section 4:

  • We only require details of the child/young person being referred but you may complete the whole section to provide a wider context.

Section 5:

  • We only require the names, address and contact details of parents/carers.

Section 6:

  • We only need to know professionals who are directly involved with the child/young person you are referring; please ensure you provide the details of the child’s/young person’s orthoptist/ophthalmologist. You may complete the whole section to provide a wider context.

Section 7:

  • Please indicate the child’s visual condition/diagnosis, their visual acuity if known and information on how the condition is affecting them at home/at school.

Section 9:

Use the drop-down menu to select “Vision Support Service”.

Contact Details:

Email address: