Special Educational Needs Assistive Technology Advisory Service (SENATAS)


Service Information:

We visit children and young people (0-25) in Preschool settings, schools and colleges in and beyond Somerset.

We provide information to children and young people, parents, carers and staff about the use of and alternative methods of recording.

General school advice for up to date information about the very latest software/applications that could support all levels and abilities of their learners.

Advice around using the latest technology in the classroom for pupils with SEN who may have a differentiated curriculum.

Advice to families for using technology in their home for homework and revision.

Direct teaching sessions with pupil and setting staff for access to the curriculum using technology.


Service Criteria to include in the EHA:

Criteria to access this service, should be referred to and can be found below and/or on the Support Services for Education website.

The below information is required in addition to the information already requested in the EHA.

Section 4:

We only require details of the child/young person being referred but you may complete the whole section to provide wider context.


Section 5:

We only require the names, address and contact details of parent/carers


Section 6:

We only need to know professionals who are directly involved with the child/young person you are referring.


Section 7:

IT Assessment

What is the child/young persons current method of recording hand writing/typing/scribe/other/none?

Why is their current method of recording not working?

What strategies have been tried for alternative methods of recording?

What hardware is available for the child/young person to use in the classroom such as laptop/tablet?

What software/applications are available and been tried for the child/young person?

What specialist IT equipment is available in the setting such as alternative keyboards and mouse?


Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) Assessment

How does the child/young person communicate at present?

Is the school/setting using Inclusive Communication (formally STC) strategies?

Are “low tech” communication aids eg photo books being used and how?

What are you expecting from the SENATAS team?


Section 9:

Use the drop-down menu to select “Special Educational Needs Assistive Technology Advisory Service (SENATAS)”.

Contact Details:

Email address: InclusionSENSupportServices@somerset.gov.uk

Contact number: 01823 357000