Team 8 Adolescent Service

Team 8 Adolescent Service offers support to children and young people aged 10 to 18 years at level 3 and level 4 under the Effective Support for Children and Families in Somerset guidance.

The team’s overall objectives are to:

  • Reduce the number of adolescents requiring a level 4 CSC service.
  • Support adolescents and their families when stepping down to level 3 service.
  • Deliver a bespoke intervention package to young people and their families.
  • Reduce the number of young people entering the care system, supporting them to remain at home with their families.
  • Support foster care and residential placements for young people in care to stabilise and maintain their provision and prevent placement breakdown.
  • To support the reintegration of young people who return to their families and homes following a care episode.
  • To support young people who are reported missing and prevent further missing episodes.
  • Reduce youth homelessness via the Pathway to Independence service (P2i) for young people aged 16 to 25.

At Level 3 the target groups are families with adolescent children (10 -18yrs) experiencing complex needs where at least two of the Troubled Families/Level 3 indicators are present. The team may work with families where an individual over 18 has Special Educational Needs, subject to younger adolescents being in the home, capacity and local managerial agreement.

At Level 4 a planned, intensive, and individualised intervention of 6-12 weeks with the option to extend up to 24 weeks is offered to help stabilise the crisis whilst the lead practitioner carries out assessments to identify longer term planning and intervention. Young People need to be subject to social care involvement.

Social workers can make a request for service by completing a Team8 referral form on LCS and authorised by the Team Manger.

Team 8 will only work with families where informed consent has been gained.

Team 8 also offers out of hours and weekend support plus Rapid Response overnight support for Families/Adolescents in crisis. Social Workers can make a request by contacting the Team 8 duty manager direct or Telephone Team 8 on 01278 447956.

Service Criteria to include in the EHA:

Please ensure you complete the EHA in full, no additional information is required to make a request for support.

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