Team 8 Community Adolescent Team (CAT)

From 1st April 2018 the ‘Targeted Youth Support Team’ will become ‘Team 8 CAT’. They will become part of Team 8 services that also include; Team 8 ‘Edge of Care’ incorporating ‘Rapid Response’. This is a positive development enabling holistic support for young people via the exploration and utilisation of wider family and community networks.

Service Priorities:

The Community Adolescent Team is a Level 3 service for vulnerable adolescents (year 7 transition onward) and their families who are experiencing complex needs. The team will work holistically with families, on a consensual basis, to help them to identify their concerns, issues and needs. The aim of this work will be to produce positive changes in families resulting in a happy and safe home situation.

The service will target adolescent children who are not working with CSC or who are being “stepped down” from Level 4 services.
The CAT may work with families where an individual over 18 has Special Educational Needs. This will be subject to younger adolescents being in the home, capacity and local managerial agreement.

Additionally the CAT Team will:

Deliver Tier 2 Substance Misuse support to young people aged 13 – 18 until March 2019

Reduce Homelessness via Pathway to independence (P2I) for young people aged 18 to 25

Provide ‘Return Home Interviews’ for children and young people who have been reported as missing to the police and then found

Provide information and advice and guidance to young people aged 16 and 17 who are eligible for a Universal Credit Claim with the DWP and register young people who are eligible for ‘Extended Child Benefit’

Referrals for Team 8 CAT are via ‘Early Help Assessment’ where families and young people have consented for support and have complex needs. EHA should be forwarded to:

For an informal discussion around a potential referral please contact:

Michelle Devine Senior Professional Team Leader (Area East) – 07733002429
Susie Figg Senior Professional Team Leader (Area West) – 07900 298511