Targeted Youth Support Service (TYS)

Service information:

Targeted Youth Support (TYS) is delivered by the Local Authority. It comprises of a team of practitioners who work with specific vulnerable young people aged 13-19. Young people will be known to services or identified through tracking and inter-agency work. The service has the following priorities to work with “Vulnerable” young people aged 15-19 (19+ for young people who are already in contact with CSC) who are:

  • Victims of intimate peer relationship abuse (13+)
  • Perpetrators of intimate peer relationship abuse (13+)
  • Experiencing drug and alcohol problems (13+)
  • Victims of Child Sexual Exploitation (13+)
  • Pathway to Independence (16+)
  • Young carers (under 18)
  • Young people who have been reported missing and found

TYS will provide individual career’s advice and guidance to:

  • Young Offenders (16+)
  • Care Leavers (ready to engage in ETE)
  • Job Centre Plus 16/17 year old claimants
  • Young carers (Year 11 +)

This personalised support enables access to Education, Employment and Training post 16 and could include looking at education, employment and training options, career planning, goal setting, action planning and/or employability skills.

Service specific criteria:

Under section 7f – record YOT or TYS and what needs you have identified out of:

  • reduce offending
  • reduce re-offending
  • reduce substance abuse (tier 2)
  • reduce homelessness
  • reduce vulnerability to abusive relationships
  • increase young person’s engagement in education, where they are over 16 and there are NEET concerns.
  • employment or training
  • reduce child sexual exploitation (CSE) (tier 2)

Contact details:

Email address:
Telephone number: 01458 440 820
Address: N/A