Time Together

Information regarding Time Together, including criteria to access Time Together, should be referred to and can be found on the Professional Choices website (www.professionalchoices.org.uk) and/or the Support Services for Education website (www.supportservicesforeducation.co.uk)

Essential parts of EHA to be completed for referral to Time Together

1 –



4 – Child’s details only needed.  For sections l and m:  Please specify the priority area of additional need and any other area of need that has been identified.

5 a, b, c, d (optional), f, j, k




7e – The nature of the parent/child relationship. Observations of play between parent and child

Parental confidence in meeting the emotional needs of their child.

Known risks within the family, specifically as relevant to lone working within the home environment.

Do the parent and child access groups? If yes, please state why additional home based support would be beneficial.

Any other information relevant to Time Together not currently included in EHA.



7i The date of next Healthy Child meeting

9 plus additional information needed for referral to Time Together

13 If referral to Time Together is the only action from the EHA then EHA to close.

Please ensure you send the EHA to SSE.SEN@somerset.gov.uk and the EHACoordinator@somerset.gov.uk

Please note the following:

  • That a referral for Time Together will be considered by the EP supervisor for the area and a response as to whether or not it is agreed will then be given to the referrer by letter.
  • It is not an expectation that a Time Together Home Visitor will become the EHA lead professional.  A Home Visitor may choose to attend a TAC meeting if this is felt to be appropriate at a particular time.
  • There is likely to be a waiting list so it may be some time after the referral when home visiting can start.

Contact details:

Email address: sse.sen@somerset.gov.uk
Telephone number: 01749 822800
Address: Time Together Supervisor, PO Box 5176, Shepton Mallet, BA4 9DD