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Traveller Education Service (TES)

Service information:

The Traveller Education Service Team have specialist training and work with schools, children, young people, families and communities to enable good communication and to support a range of work.


  • Specialist knowledge and provision
  • Building capacity of schools
  • Support at key transition points
  • Supporting pupils face to face

Service specific criteria:

Under section 4g – if the family identify themselves as travellers, please include here the type of traveller site the family live at:

  • SCC Traveller Site
  • Traveller site privately owned
  • Unauthorised Site
  • Festival
  • Roadside
  • Housed
  • Fairground winter base
  • Fairground visiting
  • Circus inter base
  • Circus visiting
  • Bargee

Under section 4h – if the family identify themselves as travellers, please include here how they define themselves from:

  • Gypsy
  • Irish Traveller
  • New Traveller – NEWTRA
  • Circus
  • Showpeople/Fairground
  • Bargee
  • Other

Under section 7e –please include:

  • The child/young person’s reading age and chronological age
  • If the child/young person is not in a school place, please give details why (for example, site provision, Elected Home Educated (EHE).

Contact details:
Email address: ema-tes@somerset.gov.uk
Telephone  number: 01823 356644
Address: SSE, Taunton Academy, Cheddon Road, Taunton TA2 7QP