Young Carers Project

Service information:

The Somerset Young Carers Project aims to provide support and respite breaks for young people up to 18 with regular caring responsibilities.  The Project works alongside other professionals and agencies in supporting Young Carers and their families.  Our focus is child centred whilst maintaining a whole family approach.

Service specific criteria:

Under section 7b – Have you spoken to the young carer about the fact you are requesting a young carer service for them? How do they feel about this?

Under section 7b – What is the impact on the child from the parents/family member’s illness or disability? and what caring role(s) does the child provide because of this? Describe what types of caring tasks they carry out and how often they provide this. ‘Caring roles could include emotional, practical, intimate/personal or domestic care. Caring tasks could be monitoring their welfare, cheering them up, calming them down, interpreting or signing, managing the budget or paying bills, organising or attending appointments, helping with childcare, helping or administrating medication, preparing or cooking meals, hovering, shopping, washing/drying clothes, heavy lifting, fetching or carrying, support with mobility, help with dressing, help with washing / bathing or other personal care. Include who on a regular basis is being cared for, e.g. Mother, Father, brother, Sister, grandparent etc.

Under section 7c – Have you spoken to the parent/carer about the fact you are requesting a young carer service for their child? How do they feel about this?

Under section 7f – Have you identified other support/care services that could be appropriate for the family’s needs to ensure the child is not relied upon as a carer.

Under section 7f – What needs have you identified:

  • Reduce inappropriate or excessive levels of care for the child
  • Increase opportunities for respite from the child’s caring role
  • Raise awareness and recognition of the young carers role
  • Information and advice to support their caring role.

Under section 7f – Please state here what you expect the key areas of work to be? (Note transport to young carer’s activities is the responsibility of the parent unless there are exceptional circumstances. If there are exceptional circumstances please state them here).

Contact details:

Email address:
Telephone number: 0300 123 2224
Address: N/A