Zing Somerset Family/Child and Young People Lifestyle Course (for children aged 5-11, who are overweight or obese)

Service information:

The Zing Somerset programme combines the expertise and experience of Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SomPar) as lead provider, Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP) and Somerset Community Food (SCF). The children and families healthy weight programme plays a key part in our healthy eating, physical activity and weight management activities. Access to the service will be targeted in line with local data i.e. working with children living in areas of deprivation and high obesity prevalence.

  • Children must be aged between 5-11 years old and overweight and obese (defined as having a BMI score above the 91st and 98th centile for age respectively)
  • Children must not have complex needs or co-morbid health problems requiring specialist treatment
  • The family must agree to the referral and be engaged to discuss the option of attending a group

Service specific criteria:

Under section 7b – please give details of the child/young person’s:

  • Height in metres (M)
  • Weight in kilograms (KG)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) score

Under section 7f – please state:

  • If the family are interested in engaging with a family group course
  • When would they be able to attend a group

Contact details:

Email address: Lifestyle.hub@sompar.nhs.uk
Telephone number: 0800 412 5502
Address: N/A