Early Help

We believe early help is everyone’s responsibility; we want children, families, communities and agencies to work together so that families are assisted to help themselves and are supported by the right service in the right place at the right time, thereby improving the overall wellbeing and quality of life of all Somerset’s children, young people and their families.

This means challenging the traditional way we have worked, becoming more flexible and creative in finding solutions that meet individual needs, giving families control, wherever possible, over what affects them, and working across organisational and service boundaries. Our services need to be:

  • simple and easy to access
  • built around the needs of children young people and their families
  • outcomes focused
  • based on best evidence

We know we need to invest in supporting children and young people early and effectively so they become independent, healthy citizens who contribute to our communities and our economy, making Somerset a thriving prosperous county for us all to enjoy.

Within this section you will find information, resources and request for support forms for other agencies (that are not part of the EHA process)