Portage and PERSCEY

Information regarding Portage and PERSCEY can be found on the Professional Choices website (http://www.professionalchoices.org.uk/) and/or the Support services for Education website (http://www.supportservicesforeducation.co.uk/)

The Portage Service is a teaching service for pre-school children with additional needs, helping the children and their families to learn together and  play together. It aims to help families to feel included in their local community. It involves an intervention of up to a year, involving weekly sessions at home, and it ids aimed at high needs children.

PERSCEY is a similar intervention for children with autism or social and communication needs. It offers bespoke support to a child and family to support communication and  provides strategies and resources which help the child to manage their emotional and sensory needs. It is a shorter intervention of ten weeks and involves two visits to the setting if a child attends.

Please read these notes alongside the EHA as you complete it with the parent.

  • Sections 1and 2 need to be completed.
  • Section 3 needs to be completed as it gives consent.
  • In section 4 we only require details of the child being referred but you may complete the whole section if you wish to provide a wider context.
  • Section 5 needs to be completed. For sections l and m please specify the priority area of additional need and any other area of need the child may have.
  • In section 6 we only need to know the professionals who are directly involved with the child you are referring but you may complete the whole section if you wish to provide a wider context.
  • Section 7 needs completing and for section e) please include the extent of the child’s delay (eg Schedule of growing Skills or Developmental Journal level), any known risks within the family specifically any relevant to lone working within the home environment, and the number of sessions that the child attends an EY setting.
  • In section 7 (point l) put the date of the next MAISEY meeting
  • Section 8 needs completing
  • In section 9 use the drop-down menu and select Portage/PERSCEY
  • In section 13 if referral to Portage or PERSCEY is the only action from the EHA then the EHA can then be closed

Please ensure you send the EHA to SSE.SEN@somerset.gov.uk and the EHACoordinator@somerset.gov.uk  

Please note the following:

  • A referral to Portage/PERSCEY will be agreed following discussion at the subsequent MAISEY meeting.
  • It is not an expectation that the Portage/PERSCEY Home Visitor will become the EHA lead professional when Portage/PERSCEY is agreed for a child.
  • If there are no other issues then the EHA will close when the Portage/PERSCEY referral is agreed. The Home Visitor will then start visits.
  • Home Visitors may choose to attend a TAC meeting if this is felt to be appropriate at a particular time.
  • If there are other ongoing issues in the family requiring TAC meetings and a Portage/PERSCEY child has a Family Service Plan then Family Service Plan meetings will link with TAC meetings every so often to avoid parents having to attend additional meetings.
  • There is likely to be a waiting list so it may be some time after the referral is agreed before Portage/PERSCEY can start.